Sustainability is a hugely important aspect to Hopeworld. Below are some details of the sustainable choices we make and why we make them.



We use olive wax to make all of our products. It’s more sustainable than other common waxes such as soy and paraffin and here’s why:


Olive wax is a fantastic, high quality wax with a slow burn time. We have found that it’s the most sustainable wax form out there because:

  • The industry is smaller than other wax industries thus can be easily policed.
  • The wax comes from the olives themselves meaning the same crop can be used year on year, unlike soy wax which is dug up and replanted after each season.
  • Unlike paraffin wax which contains traces of petrol, olive wax is vegan and burns totally clean.
  • Olive wax is a byproduct of the olive oil industry, so something that originally would have been wasted is being reused
  • Whilst most waxes come from South America, Olive wax is imported from Italy so our carbon footprint remains small.



We used unbleached, cotton wicks in our candles. Sourced in the UK.



Mica powder is a nontoxic pigment that is used in most makeups. It also glitters when the wax is melted <3 Sourced in the UK.



  • Fully recyclable paper packaging
  • Packing peanuts that dissolve in water
  • All provided by UK based businesses.



  • Any second hand packaging received by Hopeworld is either recycled or repurposed when sending off to wholesalers.
  • Candles that aren’t quite perfect are melted down and remade into new Hopeworld creatures.
  • Our business cards and packaging boxes are made from recycled paper.

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